Penobscot Marine Museum Receives Boost from Anonymous Donor 

The folks at the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport just got a big boost from an anonymous donor.Rob Poindexter has more on how this donor is motivating others to donate.”It is kind of a shame that local people often drive by and think to themselves someday I’m going to stop in there.”Here at the Penobscot Marine Museum they celebrate the history of the penobscot Bay and the shipbuilding industry that thrived in Searsport. It’s the oldest maritime museum in the state sporting an impressive collection of artifacts, model replicas of classic ships, and a world renowned collection of maritime paintings dating back to the early 1800’s.”We’ve gone from one small building, the old town hall, to over 12 exhibits and plan to keep growing those exhibits in those buildings.” This non-profit museum survives, in part, from their operating costs and gift shop revenue, but mostly it’s the generosity of donors and grants from foundations that help keep them afloat. The rough economic waters have taken a toll on donations but one anonymous donor is trying to change all that.”An anonymous donor has offered to match all donations that come to us that are new this year or are larger than last years annual donations up to $10,000.”The museum is celebrates it’s 75th anniversary this year and they hope this challenge grant will be a springboard to achieving their long term goals.”We are continuing to grow. We have plans for a couple of new exhibit spaces and a workshop. Those things are not necessarily going to happen in the next year.”The season here kicks off Memorial Day weekend and runs through October.Rob Poindexter WABI TV5 News, Searsport.