Favorite Christmas Present 

Now that you’ve unwrapped all your gifts, we want to know what some of your favorites are.Sunday, local residents stopped to tell us about the most popular gifts in their house.”A lot of books. I got a crock pot, which was nice. I’ll do a little cooking for myself, which will be good.”” Toys. Toys were great. And I made some hand painted items, ornaments. A shovel for my daughter-in-law and a gnome for my daughter.””My favorite gift would’ve been twenty dollars to Borders here. I just went and got myself some books.””Dogs and video games and air soft guns””A microphone.””A microphone? What do you want to do with it?””Sing.””Air soft guns.”” It was video girl.”Video girl, what’s that?”” It’s this barbie video girl that video tapes some stuff.””I had all my family here, so that’s what counts.”