Manna Ministries Serves Up Christmas Dinner 

Since 1991, Manna Minstries has been giving hope to those suffering in Maine.On Christmas Day, their message is clear as volunteers from all over the area served hot meals to those who need it most.”For them to sacrifice Christmas Day, Christmas Day to come down to Manna to help their neighbors it’s unbelievable,” said Executive Director Bill Rae.Hundreds of people gathered in the gynasium to receive christmas dinner and of course gifts. Up until 11 Friday night, volunteers scrambled to collect as many toys as they could so that no one left empty handed at saturday’s event.”With the economy the way it is, we never thought we could pull it off without the money that we need but people gave, gave and they gave, thank you,” Rae said.It was a busy day for Tim Woodcock. Working behind the scenes in the kitchen cooking up the big feast so what kept him going?”The spirit of Christmas, it’s inside you, I mean you just can’t let it go,” he said.After dinner, he’ll go home and spend the rest of the day with his family, but says he’s happy he was able to make a new one with the people at Saturday’s event.”It brings a smile to your face, this warm feeling inside, you know everybody’s going home with some nutritional value, some substance, it feels really good.”A good feeling for those who both gave and received.