Police Stepping Up Drunk Driving Enforcements 

Don’t drink and drive — that’s the message Waterville Police Deputy Chief Chip Rumsey wants to get out to people.A warning now that the video that goes with this story is graphic and might be disturbing to some viewers.Waterville Police is stepping up its drunk driving enforcement during the holiday season thanks to a grant from the Bureau of Highway Safety.Police are urging folks to take a cab if they drink or have someone not drinking give them a ride. ” We take our jobs pretty seriously, we wanna do our best to make sure that people who live or visit our community are safe, that they can enjoy a happy holiday season. We want nothing more for everybody than to have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, happy holidays, and we understand that by making our roadways a little safer we can contribute to the likelihood that that’s gonna happen for people,” said Deputy Chief Chip Rumsey, with the Waterville Police Department.Again, police are increasing drunk driving enforcements this holiday season and say if you are going to drink, don’t drive.