Thief Almost Ruins Christmas Celebration at Senior Center 

An annual holiday tradition at the Hammond Street Senior Center was interrupted earlier this week.Diana Bosch spoke with the victims of a cold hearted theif who almost ruined their Christmas celebration.More than 40 members gathered at the Hammond Street Senior Center Tuesday to enjoy one of the center’s holiday traditions but the celebration almost didn’t happen.When a volunteer went to turn on the stove to heat up tea for the event, it wouldn’t turn on.”At first we thought, how did we end up running out of propane, was something wrong with the stove so we called our propane supplier,” said Development and Communications Direct Deanna Partridge.When the propane supplier arrived, he found the tank was gone.”He said we didn’t have any tank when we got here. Someone stole the tank and receptacle off the wall, so I said darn,” said Bonny Parent, a volunteer at the center.Parent and others acted quickly, using other resources to heat up the tea, trying to forget about the Grinch who almost stole Christmas.”We were so disgusted at the idea of somebody stealing from the senior citizens center it was really shameful.”Parent notified police, but investigators say the thief or theives may never be caught because of the anonymous nature of the crime.”There’s no way to identify it because they just paint it and you don’t even know it’s your tank. It’s that simple I suppose.”Despite the stolen tank, center members haven’t lost their spirit.Christmas will go on.”It’s really very disappointing to have something that, this might be a special piece of holiday for some of our members and then to have it tainted like that is just really sad,” said Partridge.