Augusta Merchant Suspects Counterfeit Cash in Area 

An Augusta business owner is warning folks about possible counterfeit bills circulating in the downtown area. Steve Goedecke owns Cosmic Charlie’s on Water Street. Goedecke says recently a man came in with a one-hundred dollar bill and bought twenty-dollars in merchandise. Goedecke says when the customer left, his sales assistant was suspicious of the bill and tested it. Goedecke says, when hand sanitizer was rubbed on it, the ink rubbed off the money, which he says doesn’t happen on legitimate cash. “It’ll pass the pen test. It’ll have the strip on it. It’ll have the perfect water mark and little fibers. It’ll have everything. It’ll look perfect. I mean it’s the best $100 I’ve ever seen. I would have been fooled 100%,” he says. Goedecke says counterfeit culprits tend to spend only twenty-percent of the bill they are using in order to get a significant profit back in legitimate cash. Goedecke called police and they told him to take the bill to the bank, which he did. A Key Bank spokesperson confirms with TV5 they did receive a suspected counterfeit one-hundred dollar bill from a local merchant. Key Bank has since sent the money to the secret service where it will be tested for it’s authenticity. If the bill is real, the bill will be returned to Goedecke however, if it’s fake the secret service will retain the money. Meanwhile, Goedecke is urging other business owners to help stop the counterfeit cycle. “If you went back through your money and found counterfeits, please call the police. Don’t go pass it on because this is what causes and creates the problem. People say I don’t want to lose one hundred bucks so I’m just gonna go pass it to the next guy and that’s the wrong way to approach it. If you want to get rid of this money you need to turn it in.”