Santa Chauffeurs Before Christmas 

You could call him a modern day Santa.He’ll spend the days leading up to Christmas working from a taxi.”It’s not so scary. You don’t have to dodge the buildings with that.”While his elves take care of the sleigh, Santa will chauffeur Rockland area residents around for Schooner Bay Taxi.He’s using the part time job as a way to keep a closer eye on people. “I’m going to be checking that all the boys and girls are being good.”This is Santa’s second year with Schooner Bay. The taxi company enlists his help for a couple days during Christmas week.It gives him some extra time to work on his lists.”They behave better because they know you’re out there.””They don’t want to be on the naughty list. They want to make sure they’re on the nice list.”And they’ll do what it takes to get on it.”She is on the nice list.””Yeah, that’s why I gave you the tip,” said one customer. For Santa, the best part really comes when he gets to drop off his biggest fans.”When you see little kids look up at you, their eyes are full of belief and wonder.” It’s the gift that means most to the man in red.