Guilford Woman Finalist in Charmin Go Nation Competition 

A Guilford woman has rolls of Charmin toilet paper to thank for her upcoming trip to New York City. Meghan Hayward explains. Jennifer Haskell was browsing Facebook when she came across the Charmin Go Nation Competition. ” I said you know, I’m going to see about making this video. So I set my video camera up on a tripod and went over in front of the outhouse. It took me 14 tries.” Haskell sent the tape out and forgot about it. Until she received a phone call. “Your video was chosen. You are the state of Maine representative for the Charmin Go Nation.” Her reaction? “You’re serious? Really?” From there, Haskell had to design a toilet seat. She put a Maine spin on it. “I then used duct tape on the inside of it and taped a piece of white birch bark and wrote a note that said, Dear Charmin, I’d like to thank you for you ultra soft and ultra strong toilet paper. Maine is known for our beautiful birch trees but a known fact is that bark bites when used to wipe.” Thirty-eight states participated and Haskell is in the top five. She’s headed to New York City next week to compete in the finals.” We start off with a bathroom trivia and the other three are timed. But one is a toilet paper stacking, the other is a toilet paper tossing and then the last one is a mummy contest.” First place wins 50,000 dollars. ” As far as the competition against the other four I don’t know how well I’ll do I can only do my best.”