BMV In Bangor Honors Fallen Hero 

Folks stopping in at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles office at the Airport Mall in Bangor will now have the chance to learn about a real Maine hero.At an emotional ceremony Wednesday morning the newly renovated BMV in Bangor was dedicated to Staff Sgt. Brandon Silk. Who lost his life in Afghanistan in June. His parents Mark and Lynn Silk were seated in the front row. “For us as Brandon’s parents it’s an honor,” says father Mark Silk. “I mean it give us, like Secretary of State Charlie Summers said, it gives us a place where his name’s going to be remembered, and that’s important to us.”Captain Matt Hodges, who was Silk’s commanding officer in Afghanistan, made the trip up from Tennessee for the ceremony. For those who weren’t fortunate enough to know Brandon Silk, Hodges gave us a glimpse of what we missed out on. “He showed us all how we really strive to live our lives as a son, a brother, a friend, a leader and the kind of guy I want standing next to me when I need someone,” Captain Hodges told a packed room. Those that knew him say there wasn’t much that made Staff Sgt. Brandon Silk prouder than being a soldier. “Oh he loved it,” his father recalls. “Every enlistment we’d hear this story that he was going to get out of the service. He was going to settle down, didn’t want to travel anymore. we just talked to Captain Hodges last night picked him up and he said that Brandon was already talking about the re-enlistments. it was throughout his body. That’s what he wanted to do.”While it’s expected to be a full house for this military family, this Christmas will be celebrated with some heavy hearts. “And our youngest son comes home tonight from basic training in Texas,” says Brandon Silk’s mother Lynn Silk. “Our other son is in the Air Force too so they’re all soldiers or airmen. It’s a nice thing, to have everybody home for Christmas will be nice, bittersweet but nice.”