Bangor Resident Wants Taxpayers to Vote on New Arena 

The group hoping to allow voters to decide on a new Bangor arena says all the facts and figures aren’t getting out to the public correctly.Long time basketball coach Bob Cimbollek is leading the referendum effort.Wednesday, he held a press conference outside City Hall to re-inforce his opinion that taxpayers should decide on a new arena, not city councilors.Cimbollek says years ago he suggested adding $3 to ticket prices and using that money for the new building, “I’d rather have them all mad at me for 3 bucks a head than have them laughing at us all for nothing, because that’s what it boils down to. Outside area wants it, it’s great for them, they don’t have to support it at all. Period. When the Bangor taxpayer goes down there and buys a ticket they’re paying the same thing as a person from Orono or Old Town or Veazie. If you rent it you’re paying the same. We just don’t think it’s fair. We’ve carried that ball 55 years, it’s time for them to step up and help at least with the ticket charges.”More than 2,200 signatures must be collected by January 14th.Petitions are available inside and outside City Hall.