Report: Shooting Victim Had Gun, Taser, Pepper Spray and More 

Court documents say a man shot to death in a botched robbery in Eastbrook, was armed with pepper spray, a crowbar, a stun gun, rope and a handgun. Brian Denoncourt of Eastbrook told investigators he was suspicious when a woman showed up on his doorstep early on December 13th, saying she’d been in a car crash. Denoncourt went to help, but he also grabbed his own handgun. He told police he was hit with pepper spray and that a man began beating him. He told police he fired his gun several times at a silhouette. Killed was 23-year-old Nicholas Richards of Machias. His girlfriend, 23-year-old Ashley Crowley of Beals, is charged with burglary and robbery. Police say they’d robbed an 80-year-old woman before going to Denoncourt’s home. (AP)