Bangor Savings Bank Holiday Kitten Ad Returns – to Web 

A sign of the holiday season for local television viewers is back – but this time, on the internet. Bangor Savings Bank is posting its popular holiday kitten commercial on the bank’s website. It first aired on TV in 1980 and ran every season, until 2006. That’s when the bank re-worked its logo. Officials decided that with a new look and too tight of a budget to re-shoot the commercial, maybe it was time to simply say goodbye to the kittens.Even though the ad’s been off the air for five years, bank officials say they still get lots of calls and e-mails asking when it’ll return.Yellow Light Breen, Senior Vice President, says, “A couple of weeks ago, some of my friends on Facebook were talking about it and numerous people were chiming in and saying, ‘What ever happened to that commercial?’. And I thought, you know, maybe it’s time to bring it back for another good run but rather than put it on TV, we decided to put it on the web and go into the 21st century with the ad.”Officials say they’re not sure if the ad will ever return to TV again. But they hope customers are happy they’ve created a place where they can still see the kittens at’re told the bank is considering posting it every season right around Thanksgiving until the end of the year.