Woman Mauled By Dog In Lagrange Speaks About Horrific Night 

Last month in Lagrange, a woman was nearly killed after being mauled by a dog. After spending weeks in the hospital, she’s now home.Karen Stewart says she feels lucky to be alive. Last month while taking her nightly walk on forest street in Lagrange, her life was forever altered.Stewart says a small dog about the size of a beagle approached her and started biting her. She says a much larger dog appeared, and pushed her to the ground. “And the next thing I know the dog was attacking me,” she says. “It got my, it started with this arm. Then after that I tried to get away and it got me by this arm.”Stewart says she doesn’t remember how she got from where she was attacked to her friend Vaughn Adams house. “I didn’t have an elbow when I got there. I didn’t have a hand. Well I had a hand but it was just a rag doll hand.”Stewart says Adams immediately tried helping her. “He went in the house and grabbed the curtains off the windows and wrapped me up and he took his favorite green jacket and wrapped up this one. A friend of ours called 911 and it seemed like it took forever for them to get there.”Stewart had a plea for everyone trying to save her life. “Please don’t let me die. Please don’t let me die. That’s all I could say.”Stewart was eventually taken to a Boston hospital. She would lay in a coma for the next three weeks. Her right arm was amputated and numerous skin grafts were done on her other arm.Friends are doing their best to help Stewart and donations are coming in from people she doesn’t even know. Police say the dog responsible for the attack has been put down. Stewart has had no contact with its owner. “I wish he would come over and say, Karen you know I’m very sorry. If there’s something I can do let me know, but no.”Stewart is healing and says every day, she gets a little bit better. “Life is too short to hold a grudge and for the rest of the time on this earth, I’m gonna be the happy go lucky kid.”