Glenburn Kindergarten Class Decorates Cookies for Manna 

While many kids are making cookies for Santa this weekend, some students in Glenburn are decorating tasty treats to put smiles on some faces this holiday.It’s the week before Christmas in Mrs. Dube’s kindergarten class.Students have frosting and sprinkles in hand, to decorate cookies of all shapes and sizes.”Christmas trees, I think those were bells we made and gingerbreads and stockings!” said Hunter, a kindergarten student.”Stockings and bells and Christmas trees,” added Makayla.But these sweet treats aren’t for their little mouths and they’re not for Saint Nick who’ll be coming on Saturday.”We are making cookies for people who don’t have food in the winter,” said Pierson, a kindergarten student.”So they have something to eat like we do,” added Hunter.The cookies will be donated to Manna Ministries in Bangor.”It’s a place where people go when they don’t have any food,” explained Kacey, a kindergarten student.Mrs. Dube says the class decided to donate the cookies about three weeks ago. “We talked a lot about Christmas being more than just getting, about giving. I think actually the process of going to Manna actually lets them give something and makes them feel really good about their donation.”More than 150 cookies got decked out in frosting and sprinkles by the Glenburn students. Mrs. Dube says the donation is a Christmas gift the kids will take with them forever. “Very excited to give these kids the opportunity to start giving when they’re 5 years old. I think it builds a great future for them.”The cookie donation is part of a non-profit called Drop In & Decorate. The class will go on a field trip Tuesday to deliver the cookies to Manna.