Charity Brings Christmas to Kids 

It’s called the season of giving, but no one waiting in line seemed to expect this kind of generosity.”I can’t believe it because without this, she wouldn’t have much for Christmas.”Jennifer Harr’s three year old daughter just wanted a barbie doll for christmas. Instead, she’ll have a cart full of toys to unwrap.”I watch her all the time at the stores and she knows that we can’t afford it. It’s just really nice that people would do this for us that don’t even know us.”It’s a feeling that rang true for almost everyone who had their Christmas wishes filled by community donations. “I’m like amazed. I’m like, oh my God, this is more than I could have hoped for.”This year, Bangor Hands of Hope wanted to reach more families than they ever have. They put fifty Christmas wish trees throughout Penobscot County. “We stood in faith. We took on forty-five towns this year that didn’t have assistance in Penobscot County. So, we needed twice the gifts this year,” said the charity’s Director, Kathy Harvey.The response was overwhelming.”You know, we have probably over eighty-thousand dollars worth of gifts here. One-hundred and thirty new bicycles. Every child that asked for a bike this year is getting a bike.”Along with hundreds of other toys.”She wanted paper jams. The new paper jams and legos,” said one Mom. Hands of Hope wanted each child to receive at least one toy from their list.Many kids will get everything they ask for.Michelle Stuert is just grateful for the community support.”I am very thankful for the people who helped out so we could have a good Christmas for me and my kids.”Come Christmas morning, more than a thousand kids will have just that.