11 People Displaced Because of Fire 

Fire crews in Bangor were returning from a chimney fire and approaching a shift change just before eight this morning, when word came in of another fire, this one in an apartment building on Center Street.Firefighters arrived in just minutes, but it was a scary wake up call for the eleven tenants of the five apartments, who are now without a place to call home.”We heard somebody run up the back stairwell saying they needed to call the fire department,” said Bill Watson who lived in an apartment near the front of the house on the second floor. “and within a matter of literally like ten minutes, there was flames shooting out of the first floor in the back down there like crazy.””I couldn’t see. I got to the kitchen and I couldn’t see past the doorway, there was so much smoke. I couldn’t see anything and I couldn’t breath it was horrible,” said Amy Littlefield, who lived on the second floor. “I’ve never been in a fire before. This was scary.”Bangor fire crews went to the third floor, woke four people up and got them out safely, but the fire took a turn for the worse and put firefighters in danger according to Assistant Fire Chief Darrell Cyr. “I didn’t like what I saw with the fire up in the attic. We weren’t able to knock it down immediately so I called for an all out, for everybody to come out of the building. We did it over the radio, got an accountability and then we pulled the horn on all the engines at the same time to make sure that everybody got the message.”A member of the Red Cross, Corina Hamlin, happened to be driving by and stopped to see what she could do to help. “So far, we’re able to help the clients with food, clothing and shelter. They’re going to be put in a hotel for about three nights.”Two people were taken to the hospital to be checked out. Those standing on the sidewalk watching realized they were lucky to be safe, but they had lost everything.”If we hadn’t gotten out as quick as we did, we probably wouldn’t be standing here right now,” said Littlefield. “That’s how fast that moved, couldn’t believe it. I’ve never seen anything move so fast in my life.” “My kids aren’t here, but I still had their presents and everything. I worked pretty much this entire season for my, everything I own, my pictures, everything, I don’t.”The Fire Marshal’s office has been called in to investigate the blaze.