Valerie Jacobs and her daughter decided to knock one special gift off of Santa’s list.”We were thinking Santa might bring us a kitty, and then when we read about this in the paper I said wouldn’t it be great if we had the kitty and then Santa could bring her some treats.”Seven year old Acadia will have her kitten by next week.The cat is just one of nearly one-hundred that the Arc Animal Shelter wants to find a home for.”It’s wonderful for us to have this event right before the holidays. Let people know that, just make them aware, that the animals need help year round,” said Shelter volunteer, Natalie Knox.Most of the cats used to belong to families before they were either lost or left behind.The shelter hopes their event, Kittypalooza, will find them a home for the holidays.”It’s in their eyes when they look at you. It’s in their eyes. They just don’t know what they’re doing here. For the most part, they used to be in someone’s lap, or in the living room at home, and they don’t know where their people went.”But potential new owners are lining up.The shelter uses a screening process to find customers who want to give pets a good home.Customers like Linda Reynolds, who plans on adopting two cats. “I feel good because I’m giving them one, and I’m keeping them. I’m keeping them.” Which is exactly what every cat wants to hear.For more information on how to adopt a cat, you can visit Arc Animal Shelter’s website at