Old Town Resident Turns 100 

Surrounded by his family and friends, Miles Lufkin celebrated his 100th birthday at the Marsh Island Apartments in Old Town.A milestone birthday, Miles himself couldn’t believe it’s been 100 years.Miles is described as a working man by those who know him best.It’s a trait, his granddaughter Kristy Plummer says she looks up to.”He’s a very quiet man, but very gentle, very kind, very loving man,” she said.Kristy came in from New Hampshire to help Miles celebrate the big day bringing little Miles, her son who is named after him.”I’ve just been very close to my grandfather growing up, I’ve always spent a lot of time with him so I wanted to name one of my boys after him,” she said when asked about the name.Kristy wasn’t the only one who made a trip, Miles’ son Glendon traveled all the way from Arizona.Glendon credits Miles’ active lifestyle as the secret to all the years.”He danced most all his life up until about maybe 2 or three years ago he was dancing every week.”While he won’t be dancing his way through life anymore, this new centarian looks forward to packing on another 100 miles in his life.