Well-To-Do Blog Adds more Green to the Holiday 

Shopping locally — that’s green.Buying things second hand — that’s green too.How about using re-usable bags to wrap Christmas gifts — another green idea.Two local women are blogging to help others have a merry and green Christmas.” My mom taught me that Christmas doesn’t have to be about red and green. It can be even more fabulous, like leopard print,” said Susan Stephenson, a Bangor blogger. Fabulous and green are key works in Susan Stephenson’s life. She and her friend, Sarah Quirk, run the blog Well-To-Do. It’s all about green living.” We focus mostly on green tips that are easy to incorporate in your own life,” said Sarah Quirk.The two friends have been giving out tips on inexpensive, green Christmas gifts.” For anyone who has a sweet tooth.”Stephenson says for anyone with a sweet tooth there are creamy treats that would make great green gifts, “A couple of dollars will buy you a little taste of chocolate. Heaven!”For guys, Stephenson says a membership into a local Beer of the Month club is a good pick.It’s easy to shop for kids the green way too.”Cloth diapering is not your mother’s cloth diapering anymore. It’s actually pretty cute,” said Stephenson.If you’re past the diaper stage, gifts from the heart are always nice and green. “Handmade by mom,” said Stephenson.Well-To-Do has more than 500 followers on Facebook. The give-aways they provide might have something to do with it, but mostly, Stephenson and Quirk say people just appreciate what they’re doing.”They love the experience. They love the uniqueness of our write-ups of our features. There’s been some good buzz,” said Stephenson.You can find them on Facebook by searching Well-To-Do or visit their blog Well-To-Do girls are on a much needed vacation right now, but they say don’t worry, they’ll be back sometime in January.”We’ll be back bigger and better and more fabulous!”