Maine Sampler Fundraiser 

Eighth graders at Sebasticook Valley Middle School in Newport are learning a few things about running a small business.As Meghan Hayward tells us, they’re using those lessons to help raise money for their class trip.”We’re doing the eighth grade annual Maine Sampler which is basically the eighth grade all makes something related to Maine. We sell it for a fundraiser.”The fundraiser is part of their social studies class. They have to be exposed to an economic unit and Maine studies.”I did it by having them create a small business. And that small business, create a product that has a connection to Maine and sell at this fundraiser. So we have blueberry pancakes, saltwater taffy and homemade potato chips.”The students say they’ve taken a lot away from this lesson.”The cost to start up, advertising, cost verse reward and all that different stuff.”Social Studies Teacher Sherry Hopkins says the hands-on work usually stays with the students longer than a textbook lesson.”Even students who are more reluctant to get involved, get involved.”Members of the public were invited to the event, where they could purchase tokens.All the items were worth a certain number of tokens.Organizers were surprised with the turn-out.”I had originally scheduled this to end at 1:00 because I thought maybe people from the community would come out during the day, but more than half of the booths are already sold out.”The Maine Sampler is one of their biggest fundraisers for their class trip to Funtown Splashtown in Saco.