Family Owned Restaurant Selling Paper Fish to Help Searsport Girl 

There’s been some interior decorating going on at a family-owned restaurant in Searsport.Paper fish are popping up all over the place.Those fish represent support, and hope, for a little girl who has leukemia.Eight-year-old Kylie Merithew, the daughter of one of their long time waitresses, was diagnosed with Leukemia this year.”She told us and it was more for support at that point. Once the shock wore off, we all tried to figure out what we could do to help her,” said manager Ken Hall.Angler’s began selling purple papered fish to support the family. Fish to represent its signature seafood cuisine, the color purple represents leukemia.All proceeds go to the family to help them in Kylie’s battle.Guests can help Kylie in two ways, they can purchase a light colored fish for one dollar and a dark purple one for five.Since the restaurant began selling the fish last month, patrons are greeted to a school of fish that float along the windows all with messages of support for Kylie.”Some of them are very sweet and sincere. Some of them from our children are very heartfelt,” said Sandra Bradeen, a waitress at Angler’s.Hall says he’s still amazed by all of the support.”It’s just absolutely phenomenal. So many people have turned out. So many people have bought more than one we have people that have come in and literally donated 100 dollars and wanted 100 fish put up.”Anglers will continue to sell the fish to help Kylie for as long as they can..