Reaction to Calais LNG Withdrawal 

A decision this week by Calais LNG to withdraw its application to build a 1-billion dollar liquefied natural gas terminal Downeast is a disappointment to community leaders. But others who’ve long opposed the project are glad to see it off the table, for now.Meghan Hayward reports. ” The city has always been in support of this project.”Calais City Manager, Diane Barnes says Calais LNG obtained all the local permits needed to build a 330-acre site south of the city at Red Beach. The company says it does plan to re-file the paperwork at another time. ” I can honestly says this is a disappointment to this community because they wanted this for economic development.”Calais LNG had recently asked for another extension, its fifth, to get the application turned it. But state environmental regulators say that nearly a year in the process the company has actually lost ground in its bid to secure land and investors for the project. The company says if not for the turbulent economy, the project would be well on its way. ” We need this kind of economic development. We hope down the road that Calais LNG can obtain the financing they need.”Barnes says the project would have brought several jobs to the area. ” It would have allowed people to stay in this community instead of leave. Which Is what they’re doing. We’ve had a lot of businesses close because of the economy.”Robert Godfrey of Eastport is with the organization Save Passamaquoddy Bay – a group opposed to the project. He says even according to the LNG industry, the project site is not in a suitable area. ” They recommend that terminals be located where vapors from a release would not impact civilians.” Godfrey says the Federal Government has established 2.2 mile hazard zones for LNG vessels. He says all of Eastport falls within that hazard zone. He also says the project is not needed.” We’ve got plenty of gas.” Staff at the Board of Environmental Protection say the project will be reconsidered, without penalty or prejudice, when Calais LNG is ready to move forward again.