Dysarts Cooking Secrets Revealed 

Mary Dysart-Hartt flips through forty-seven years of history. Pictures, stories and recipes. They’re all ingredients in Dysarts’ new cookbook.It’s a compilation of memories that honor the man who started it all.”My father was the inspiration, the backbone, the everything about Dysarts.””In the book, we have stories about a lot of his friends, a lot of the people who made Dysarts what it is.”David Dysart died from cancer in 1999.A year later, Dysarts came out with a cookbook to raise money for cancer research. “Our little book that we published in the past has raised over 100-thousand dollars.”All the proceeds from this book will go to cancer charities, like Eastern Maine Medical Center’s Cancer Care of Maine.”Research is very expensive, and it takes a lot of of dollars and it takes a lot of commitment and Mary has always been committed as far as helping us move forward and getting the word out,” said Cancer Maine’s Executive Director, Allen Litalien.And Dysart-Hartt spent a lot of time on the new cookbook to do just that.”We went to all our servers and we said what have you got for stories, what have your heard?”It’s their recollections of years at Dysarts that fill the pages.”I’ve been here for about 17 years, so I’ve seen a lot of the stories happen, so it’s fun. It brings a smile to your face to think of some of the things that have gone on over the years,” said Chef Shawn Yazbek.”The time people put into this cookbook and the cause that it’s going for is pretty remarkable.”Now, they hope customers will agree.The book is on sale at Dysarts, everywhere.