Bangor Y Completes Phase One of Consolidation 

Earlier this year the Bangor Y announced it would be moving from its Hammond Street site and improving its Second Street campus.Phase one included more parking and some cosmetic changes inside.So far, members and staff are happy with the makeover.”I can’t imagine what I would do if the Y were not here.”Gwethalyn Phillips has been a member at the Bangor Y since 2003 when her doctor told her she needed to drop her weight and cholesterol.”I did lose the weight and I did meet lots of people that were wonderful and supportive and helpful and I’ve been doing this seven years now and feel healthier and better than I’ve ever felt,” said Phillips.In 2009 the Bangor Y had 10,000 members and two locations– one on Hammond Street, the other on Second Street which was a hassle for some members.”Had to go to Hammond Street if you wanted to have a cardio workout and then come back over here if you wanted to pick up your child in childcare. If you wanted to swim after you had a workout you had to run between facilities which you know in the winter probably isn’t the most pleasant experience,” said Mike Seile, CEO of the Bangor Y.About a year ago the wheels were put in motion to consolidate the two Y sites into one on Second Street. With a snip of a ribbon on Wednesday Phase One of the project is complete. “You can swim and gym in the same location. You can drop your child off in babysitting and you can come and get a workout,” said Becky Picard, assistant director of Health and Fitness at the Bangor Y. For members and employees, the change is exciting.”It is going to make it so much more convenient and also so much more cost effective,” said Phillips.” It’s a really great thing. Good things are happening at the Bangor Y,” added Picard.Phase One cost $2.6-million.Phase Two, which will expand the Bangor Y and add a new basketball court and welcome center is expected to take 3 to 5 years to complete.The Hammond Street location will be put up for sale.