Woman Attacked By Dog Fears for Safety 

The owner of a dog that police say attacked a woman in Bangor last month is now facing charges.Diana Bosch spoke with the woman who says she’s happy something is finally being done but she doesn’t feel safe.”I don’t think I’ll ever feel safe living in my home with that dog next door,” said a scared Kim Giles when we spoke with her on Tuesday afternoon.On November 10th, Giles went for a walk with her dog Miles. She says the stroll around the neighborhood quickly turned into a nightmare when her neighbor’s dog attacked her black lab in front of her home on Sixth Street.”He charged at us, knocking us down. He had Miles by the back of the neck.”Giles tried to get the dog off, but she says the dog attacked her.”He dragged me by my hand towards the driveway, knocked me down getting me at the forearm this time.”Giles’ son intervened and was able to get the dog away. They were all taken to the hospital.Since the incident, Giles has undergone physical therapy and has been away from her job. Doctors say she may not be able to regain full use of her thumb.She says the most frustrating part of the experience is what she calls a lack of action by law enforcement. She feels her case was put on the back burner since now, a month after the incident happened, the owner, Scott Smith is being charged.”It’s frustrating I feel like I’ve had to get this going.”Lieutenant Steve Hunt says Smith is facing two civil charges and is scheduled to appear in court on January 19th.The large dog, whose breed is an unknown, was quarantined for ten days. A veterinarian determined its shots were up to date.But Giles says she fears for her safety and the safety of the people who live in the community.”I’m not comfortable, but we’re also two houses from an elementary school and that dog should not be able to remain in that home with people so close and children.”We tried to reach the owner of the dog, Scott Smith, for comment. Our phone calls were not returned.