UMaine Officials Reject Fourth “Druggiest” Campus Label 

The head of student affairs at the University of Maine is disputing a report by a news website that ranks the school as one of the “druggiest” campuses in the country. The Daily Beast says UMaine comes in at number four on the list. The University of New Hampshire tops it. Vice President of Student Affairs Robert Dana says the report is irresponsible and the methodology is weak, applying state-level statistics to the Orono campus. The Daily Beast website says it based its rankings on three categories – the percentage of drug use state-wide, the number of on-campus arrests for drug violations and the grades the students gave their schools.Dana says, “What they really ought to be reporting about is how Umaine has proactively addressed substance use and abuse. How we’re noted for being the only comprehensive substance abuse program at a college campus in the state of Maine and how we’ve really made a difference here.”The survey noted 67 drug-related arrests at Umaine last year. Dana says the fact that the school is open about reporting those arrests shows just how much the university is doing to confront substance abuse.