Students Donate Class Trip Funds to Sick Schoolmate 

Tis the season of giving, and some eighth grade students in Southwest Harbor are shining examples of that.Students at the Pemetic School have worked hard to earn something special for themselves, but instead, they’re helping a friend in need.For students at the Pemetic School in Southwest Harbor, an eighth grade school trip is a right of passage. They start raising money for the celebration in 6th grade.”Usually we go to North Conway. It’s an indoor water park. Sometimes people go to Portland, sometimes people go to Boston, other people have gone to Quebec,” explained Molly Carroll and Sarah Phelps, 8th graders at the school.This year, the eighth graders have decided to donate their hard-earned trip funds to Josh Sawyer, a 4th grader at the school battling leukemia.” We just really thought that he needed this, the money, more than we do,” said Hannah Carroll.Sarah Phelps added, “We thought it would be better for us to give up our 8th grade class trip so that someday he could have his 8th grade class trip.”When Superintendent Robert Liebow heard what the kids were doing, he was blown away, “To do that for a younger kid within the school to me is above and beyond and just says so much about the kind of people they’ve already become.”The students are also making and selling items, like fused-glass jewlery, to raise money for Josh.Liebow has decided he’s not letting the eighth graders go without a trip, they’ll be camping out on Cranberry Island.” Just made me so proud to be associated with them that I wanted to make sure they got some recognition for that,” said Liebow.