Homicide Devastates Family and Friends 

Nicholas Richards was a son, brother, nephew and friend. At just 23-years old, he was taken from the people who loved him most. “It couldn’t be, it couldn’t be Nick. He’s, I don’t know, he’s like my brother so you don’t want to believe when you love someone like a brother it’s them,” said childhood friend, Amanda Norton.Norton grew up with Richards in Machias. When she signed on to facebook Monday afternoon, she couldn’t believe what she saw. “I logged on to my facebook account and there’s Nick’s name and I put two and two together.”Friends of Amanda, who live in Eastbrook, mentioned a shooting that took place earlier that day.”I have friends who live just up the road and it’s really funny because we were talking about the shooting earlier.”They were talking about Roaring Brook Road, the place where Richards was shot and killed early Monday morning. Police say they responded to two 9-1-1 calls at a home on the street where they found Richards.The news devastated his family.”His mom is minute by minute, a mess. His brother is crying uncontrollably most of the time. We’re all just holding on,” said his aunt, Deanna Fecteau.Holding on and trying to understand. Richards’ family and friends have questions.”Obviously we want to know what happened and if somebody should pay for this, then we want them to pay because nobody deserves this.””Part of me wants to know why he was there, what happened, but part of me just wants to leave it at he’s not here anymore, he’s not suffering anymore,” said Norton. Until police release more information, those who knew Richards are just left with that comforting thought.