Hampden Woman Wins Her Battle Over American Flag 

A victory for a Hampden woman who was told she couldn’t fly an American flag outside her condo.Darla Coombs lives in the Highland Ridge condominium complex in Hampden.She says last spring condo management told her to take down an American flag that she hung outside her window.She was told condo by-laws banned the flying of any flags.Coombs is a veteran and has a son in the Army National Guard.She finally took the flag down Friday but says yesterday she found out management had a change of heart, amending the by-laws.So she’s flying the flag again. “I think they realized it caused quite a hoopla and I was extremely upset and they didn’t realize how upset I was. But it’s back up and it’s gonna stay up,” says Coombs.Coombs says the folks who run the complex told her they plan to put up a larger flag on the premises this week. It will be displayed at the front entrance to Highland Ridge.