Wild Weather Causes Some Problems 

High winds and heavy rains pelted the region Sunday Night into Monday.Record high temperatures also played a role in this storm.Depending on your point of view, those temps were either a blessing or a curse.Susan Faloon of Bangor Hydro Electric thought it may have caused more problems “When the weather is warm like this, the ground’s not frozen so those poles can move just a little bit more too, just one more thing that can contribute to the number of outages.”Dana Wardwell, the Bangor Public Works Director thought it may have helped his crews “The snow was loose it wasn’t hard it wasn’t frozen so it disappeared fairly quickly and didn’t create too many issues for us.”There was some flooding in the early morning hours that did lead to a couple of road closures in Bangor, but the lack of snow and ice made cleanup easy, according to Wardwell. “The leaves were picked up, there was no icing over the basins so we’ve had relatively few problems, a few localized basins that were flooded, no major tree issues that I’m aware of because of the wind, we came out of this storm in pretty good shape.”For the crews at Bangor Hydro it may have been easier if there was a lot of damage in one area, because now they are chasing small problems through three counties, said Faloon.” With a storm like this where trees are coming down every where, they’re just scattered all across the territory so we h ave to send our resources out in very remote areas to take care of the problem and it can be very time consuming.” “Of the more than two thousand outages we’re showing more than one hundred fifty projects that are going to require our crews to go to and make repairs.”Faloon expected that most of the issues should be covered by now but if your power is still out, you should let your power company know, “Especially if they’re in a remote area because once we start clearing up the outages if there is one customer out somewhere remote, they may assume that we know but if it hasn’t been reported we may not so it doesn’t hurt to check with us.”