Bangor Group Presents Alternative Arena Proposal 

The group hoping to allow voters to decide on a new Bangor arena has until January 14th to collect more than 2,200 signatures.Monday, they announced someone will be outside Bangor City Hall weekdays from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., with a petition in hand for folks to sign.Long time basketball coach Bob Cimbollek is leading the referendum effort. He says it should be up to taxpayers to decide on a new arena, not city councilors.The group also thinks any city councilor who makes a decision to move forward without a referendum, should be recalled.Cimbollek says in addition to someone outside city hall, there’s also a petition available inside.”We are not going to reveal any statistics. It’s like a team playing another team, we ain’t giving them the game plan,” says Cimbollek.Another Bangor resident also spoke out at City Hall Monday.Gary Watson showed reporters a mock up from a Utah architecture firm of a new arena and civic center, and a performing arts center.Watson claims the company quoted a cost of $54 million, well under the city’s current proposal of $80 million.City Councilor Gerry Palmer tells TV 5 he’s seen the drawings, but the bid is months too late.He adds Cianbro President Peter Vigue personally guaranteed his price, along with paychecks for Mainers that will help build the new complex.