Bail Set for Men Charged in Brewer Drug Bust 

Two men arrested last week in a Brewer motel drug bust made their first court appearances in the case.Police say they were tipped that 29-year-old Leroy Dunn of Hampden was selling crack out of his motel room.Undercover agents say they bought drugs from him later that day.They say dunn’s supplier, 37-year-old Shawn Bradley of New York City, was also staying at the motel.Dunn’s bail is $5,000 dollars.Bradley’s is $100,000 because the judge considers him dangerous and a higher flight risk.Police say Bradley is wanted in New York on a probation violation and served time for a 1991 murder.20-year-old Natasha Perkins of Bangor, and 23-year-old Anthony Mcgilvray were also arrested in the sting.Perkins pled guilty Friday to a misdemeanor drug charge.