A Unique Christmas Gift 

They won’t be easy to wrap up or send in the mail, but believe it or not, you can rent one of these alpacas for the holidays. “We’re offering for any folks that are interested to rent an alpaca for a year.”For fifty dollars, Unity’s Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm will give you access to one of its herd.”It’s just a very unique gift idea and we think that it’s something novel,” said Co-Owner of the farm, Corry Pratt.It’s probably an item missing from most Christmas lists, but that didn’t deter Pratt and her partner, Robin Fowler, from advertising the animals. “Most people haven’t ever rented an alpaca before, so Rent Alpaca is a different concept.”A lot of the other items the farm sells are pretty ordinary. The fiber, or fur, on alpacas help make up most winter wardrobes. “A lot of people haven’t quite made the connection between the end product. And what we’re really farming here is mittens, and hats and yarn and rovings,” said Fowler.The farm intends to get that message out. They’re renting to anyone across the country.”Several of the options that come in the rental agreement don’t require you to actually be here. You’ll actually receive video of that alpaca, you know, there’s a pretty long list of attributes that you’ll receive.”Part of the package includes being a farmer for the day, which seems like a lot of work, but they swear it’s fun.”Alpaca chores are not like other livestock. They’re much easier,” said Pratt.I’ll let the renters be the judge of that.The farm says their packages are already selling.”We’re already starting to rent some alpacas here.””Everybody is excited about it. We’re anxious to see what the recipients reaction after Christmas is.”If it’s a positive one, the farm plans to offer the packages year round.