Bar Harbor Businesses Give Back to Toys for Tots 

The Bar Harbor community rallied together Saturday to help Toys for Tots after thousands of dollars worth of toys were stolen from the group.Diana Bosch spoke to business owners and customers who said they were more than happy to help.”It was horrible, I just couldn’t believe it,” was how Dorrie Labianca described her reacted to hearing the devastating news.Labianca is the manager of the Village Emporium. She turned her disbelief into action.”You don’t want kids to go without presents during Christmas.”She and other businesses contacted the Bar Harbor Merchants Association to turn the Holiday Open House into a fundraiser to collect money and toys for Toys for Tots.The Open House is an event that serves as a thank you to customers. “We’re here to help each other, it was held to promote businesses in the winter time and let people know Bar Harbor isn’t closed, we don’t roll up the carpet and board up everything we are open.”The Merchants Association agreed and so did twenty-seven businesses. But that’s not all, the association also donated 500 dollars to the group. Labianca says Toys for Tots was more than grateful for their efforts.”They were thrilled that we wanted to help and just really happy that we wanted to replenish what was taken away.”Regular customer Jean Young says she isn’t surprised by the support the association and businesses have given to Toys for Tots.Young says it’s what makes Bar Harbor unique.”This is a community that helps each other and other people as well, not just the community, and members that live in the community, but anyone who has a need.”