Professional Actors Perform Alongside Students in Shakespearean Play 

On Friday night, students at Brownville Elementary School were the stars.The students performed alongside a pair of professional actors in an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”Diana Bosch was at the dress rehearsal where the students practiced for the big night.”I didn’t discover theatre till college and when I discovered what kind of a safe and exciting sort of adventurous place it was I realized I wanted to bring it to more people,” said Rob Gray.It’s that passion that brought him and his wife Lorrie to Brownville Elementary School.The two travel the country performing and working with children through their theatre company, Children’s Stage Adventures.”We learned seeing kids on stage was what we wanted to do and not see ourselves,” he said.For the past four days, the pair has been rehearsing for Friday’s debut performance of “Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Dream,” a musical adaptation of the Bard’s classic romantic comedy, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.””Went home and studied them and we had 15 hours at school to practice,” said one of the actors in the play.While some might think exposing shakespeare to elementary school students is a little early, the Grays think the timing is perfect for their future.”Everybody’s going to read Midsummer Night’s Dream when they get to high school, these kids have already done Midsummer Night’s Dream,” said Rob Gray.This is the second year CSA teamed up with the school.The Grays say the best part of their job is seeing these children transform from a regular kid you’d see in the hallway to a star on the stage.”They might not be good at school or in sports, but for hour on stage, they’re the stars,” he said.The students took to the stage at 6:30.Attendance is by donation.