Maine Lobster Now Just A Phone Call Away 

This time of year lobster sales usually reach a boiling point in Maine. “Honestly Christmas and New Year are the busiest seasons for the lobster industry,” says Chad Dorr. He should know. He’s Co-owener of Dorr Lobster Company in Milbridge. “We’ll have people order anything from one lobster to fifty.” Dorr says Maine’s lobstermen certainly haven’t been immune to the poor economy. “It’s definitely taken an affect on the whole lobster industry,” he says. “Obviously the price has decreased and the catch has gone up. It’s definitely had an affect on sales but as a business we just try to find other outlets and try to do what we can to keep them.”That includes taking advantage of modern technology. Dorr’s latest idea puts all the fresh Maine lobster you can eat right in the palm of your hand. It’s a new application that’s downloaded right to any I-phone. “Always looking for a new idea and nobody else was doing it. It’s a perfect opportunity to try to get our name out there along with keeping up with the times.” It took about 6 months to develop the app and it’s only been available for about two weeks. Dorr says he’s already hearing some feedback and he’s hoping this will not only shine a light on his business but also help to give the entire lobster community here in Maine a much needed boost around the holidays.