Local Man Admits to Stealing Christmas Toys; Says He’s Sorry 

He’s being called the Grinch.A local man who is accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of toys from the Toys for Tots organization where he volunteers sat down with TV5 to tell his side of the story.”It wasn’t like going in cause I had a key to the place and like, covertly, like I was telling the police, there was no covert to it at all. I wasn’t doing , the one thing I wasn’t doing that was said, was the fact that they said I was going to the pick up points and getting stuff, that’s not what I was doing,” said Jim Nickerson.Jim Nickerson admits he stole from Toys for Tots, but the three year volunteer for the organization says his recent actions aren’t typical.”I am a good person and a good friend. I’ve done much more good in my life than bad especially when it comes to helping people in need,” said Nickerson.On Wednesday, police recovered stolen toys from Nickerson’s home. Police say he took $7,000 to $10,000 worth of toys, but Nickerson says those numbers are too high. He claims some of the toys taken from his home were Christmas gifts he purchased for family members.”This incident is not something that has been going on for years. It’s a mistake and a bad choice that I made in recent months,” said Nickerson.Nickerson says he saw a way to make a few extra bucks, by taking the toys and selling them.Skip Young, organizer of the Greater Bangor Area Toys for Tots says he’s heartbroken over the situation, “He took our trust in him and used it against us.”Nickerson says he’s sorry for what he’s done and he hopes eventually the community can most past the theft.”Obviously I broke the law, and obviously I’ll be arrested and I’m not gonna run. I’ll take what comes as long as it’s realistic and reasonable.”The stolen toys are expected to be returned to the organization and given to kids in need this Christmas.Nickerson has not yet been charged. According to Detective Tim Cotton with the Bangor Police Department, evidence has been sent to the District Attorney’s Office for the Grand Jury to look at.