Farriers Donate to UMaine Equine Program 

The University of Maine Equine program is getting a big boost from another group of horse lovers. The Maine Farriers Association presented the students and staff today with a check for $1,500. Farriers are experts in horse hoof care.The money is a thank you for the partnership that’s grown between the association and the equine program. The farriers have held two conferences at UMaine and taken part in continuing education classes. Associate Professor Robert Causey says the money will be used to support students. “We actually give students work to manage the horse barn. In some cases, we’ll have them manage the training of the horses – help with the training of the horses, so it’ll probably go toward students in that respect.”Besides students, staff and farriers, UMaine’s harness racing horse “Pembroke White Out” also took part in today’s presentation.