Early Morning Fire Leaves Families Homeless in Bucksport 

The Fire Marshal’s office says improper disposal of smoking materials is to blame for the fire in Bucksport Friday morning that left about a dozen people without a home, that according to the Fire Chief.An apartment building on the corner of Franklin and Central streets caught fire around 3 a.m.As Joy Hollowell tells us, fire crews had to rescue a mother and her young baby.====”We woke up to someone pounding on the door, telling us there was a fire in Apartment 2.”Tammy McAlpine lived on the first floor of this seven unit apartment building. She says it was the woman who lived in apartment two, that was telling her to get out.”When we got outside, there was tons of smoke in the sky, and we saw flames coming out of a window,” says McAlpine.When police arrived, there were still some tenants inside. Officers managed to get most people out.”When fire fighters arrived, we still had one apartment that needed to be evacuated,” says Captain Pam Payson of the Bucksport Fire Department. “Mother and baby, we evacuated.”They were taken to a nearby ambulance to get warm.There were some tense moments when fire fighters thought the woman’s boyfriend was still trapped inside. But after crews searched twice, they found out the man had already left for work before the fire broke out.Fire crews from at least four towns battled the fire. We’re told it started in a first floor apartment. That unit was destroyed, but crews were able to keep the flames from destroying the second floor.”Considering what it could have been, it was an awesome outcome,” says Captain Payson.++++Captain Payson says most of the displaced tenants are staying with family or friends.The Red Cross is helping out also.St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church next door opened up to give tenants and fire fighters a place to warm up.