Bucksport-Built Boat Receives Two Awards 

A boat from Ryder Boats in Bucksport has won two awards.As Meghan Hayward tells us, the owners of the shop are humbled and surprised with the honors.Sail Magazine has named the Presto 30 the best cruising single hull boat under fifty feet long.The Presto has also received the cruising spirit award from Cruising World.”We’ve been building for other people for a long time, since 1994 as Union River Boat and then we started Ryder Boats in 2009 so we could market the Presto as our own company.”Belle Ryder says the Presto is unique.”You don’t see these trailerable, performance boats often.”Ryder says it has a lot of character.”She’s meant to take you on more of a camping style cruise rather than cruising out in full luxury.”The Presto has traveled all around Maine. They have 4 more boats on order for the winter.Ryder says they’re still surprised about the awards.”We’re a very small company. It’s my Dad and I running the shop. Just to be nominated is great, to actually win awards is even better.”Ryder says they took a risk and broke from the norm with this boat, but she thinks it’s paying off.”It’s nice to get that little pat on the back, saying you did good.”