Astronaut Tells Students to Reach for the Stars 

Stephen Bowen had never met an astronaut until he became one, but he had heard a lot about the space program.”News when I was growing up was space. Space exploration, Apollo program, the early shuttle missions. That was all part of my life growing up and now-a-days you’d be hard pressed to see a launch on the news at night,” said Bowen.Bowen is a Captain with the U.S. Navy and a NASA astronaut. He’s been to the International Space Station and was the first submarine officer selected by NASA as a mission specialist.”We’re all scientists and engineers and that’s really the goal is to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers and doctors because we’re gonna need them, the future is in their hands,” said Bowen.Bowen spoke to students at the Maine Central Institute in Pittsfield. He told them his life story, and let them know what it’s like to actually be in outer-space.” It was really fun to hear all about his life story and how he worked so hard to get where he is today and how it’s so rare for him to do what he did, but he still made it,” said Mollie Sharples, a sophomore at MCI. Meg Adams, a post-graduate at MCI agrees, ” It was really incredible. Just the magnitude of the International Space Station that he went to and fixed was amazing.”Bowen hopes his talk inspires young men and women to reach for the stars, ” If you wanna make the world a better place you actually have to make something or do something instead of just talking about it. The best way to do that is to become an engineer or a scientist and solve problems on a daily basis.”While it’s not likely that all of the students will become scientists of engineers, they did hear Bowen’s message, loud and clear.” It’s really important to just keep trying and keep working harder for what you want to do. Anything is possible,” said Sharples.” Keep working hard even if you’re at the bottom, just work your way up to the top,” added Adams.