Toys For Tots Taken 

After Tuesday night’s donation of $2,600 worth of toys from the Bangor Fire Department, the Toys for Tots program was quite pleased.Until police showed up Wednesday morning with some heartbreaking news.It sounds like a scene straight out of Dr.Seuss’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.””Betrayed, that’s a strong word, but that’s probably what it is, yup we were betrayed. He took our trust and used it against us. it just breaks my heart. I told him when he first started I said there’s 2 things, there’s a cardinal rule. One thing is, you don’t steal from the kids and you don’t steal from the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps does not like thieves.”The stolen goods? Between 7 and 10 thousands dollars worth of toys stolen from the local toys for tots program.”We received some info that there have been a diversion of toys from the Toys for Tots program. As a result, an investigation by detectives lead us to this address and at this point a substantial amount of property has been recovered”This wasn’t the first year the Toys for Tots volunteer helped himself to toys.”Apparently he’s been doing this since he started because a lot of the things we saw at the police station came from a couple, last year.”And some of the toys actually came from the Bangor Fire Deparment’s donation of 26 hundred dollars worth of toys.”He had access to everything, we trusted him completely.”And while this may put a damper on the holiday spirit, it’s not an every day event.”Thefts in general go up around the holidays season, thefts in cars, thefts in malls, that type of thing, but this, this is an usual type of case.”While the local branch of the organization says it’s going to take a closer look at it’s security measures.”We are going to tighten up a little bit, basically it’s been a family thing that been happening with us and I think we’re just going to keep it a family affair as far as volunteers.”They also say that most of the stolen toys recovered will be given back to Toys for Tots and handed out in time for Christmas.”Christmas is still going to go on as scheduled, everything is going on as planned, and like I told you last night, you know every child deserves a Christmas and thats what were going to do. we’re going to keep pushing forward.”