NESCom Students Are Finalists in a Nationwide Competition 

California here they come. This Sunday, NESCom students Beth Churchill, Ally Booker and Kristen Sprague are flying to Los Angeles to present their ad campaign to Honda executives.The group has made the top three in the Honda CR-Z Media Challenge.”It didn’t really hit me until we had to email Honda and tell them all of our information so that they can book our flights for us that we’re actually going to California,” said Kristen Sprague. The students created a campaign using social media centered around CR Zazzy, a fictional character they created to represent the car.With more than one thousand Facebook fans, the real CR Zazzy says the competition has taken on a life of its own.”Sometimes people come up to me and say, you’re that guy, yeah it’s pretty cool,” Bryan Lackee said.The students say the project has brought the NESCOM community together.”We got to work with some great people, video, audio, photography, just everybody really helped us out it was great we just felt like a big family all working on this,” said Ally Booker. For the group, the support they’ve received has been a greater prize.”We really feel like we won. We’ve come this far. This is such a great accomplishment for the school as a whole so we already feel like we’re winners,” said Sprague.The other two finalists are teams from Syracuse University and the University of La Verne in California.The winning team gets to attend a major CRZ product launch in the spring.The winner will be chosen on Wednesday.