Madison Mom Celebrates 100th Birthday 

A century is a long time – it’s a milestone Arlene Hilton will live to experience in just a few days. Sunday, December 12th Hilton will celebrate her one-hundredth birthday. Whatever you do though, don’t call her old – just because she’s turning one-hundred doesn’t mean she’s not young at heart. “I go out and I do what I want,” she says. When asked if she still drives she replied, “Oh, yes.” Arlene Hilton’s secret to her good health through the years? “Good family,” she said. Hilton was born in Solon in 1910. She married twice, raised four children and has nearly a dozen grand children today. MaryEllen Clark, one of Hilton’s daughters, says, “I think her secret is that she never drank. She never smoked for one thing. She always kept busy.”