Civil War Monument in Hermon Moved 

A more than century-old landmark in the middle of Hermon has a new home tonight. Crews finished moving the town’s civil war monument to Veteran’s Memorial Park, in front of Hermon Elementary.They started the carefully-coordinated task of taking the structure apart yesterday. It’s stood at the intersection of Billings Road and Route 2 since it was first erected in 1901. The town’s been talking about relocating it for more than a decade and the community approved the idea this summer, though not without some controversy. Supporters of the move, like Korean War veteran John Anderson, say they’re happy the monument’s in a place with much more space.”I’m sure in time to come that everybody will kind of agree that this is the proper spot for it.”Folks hope more people will be able to stop by and visit the monument now that it’s in a park. Moving it will also make it easier for the town to make some planned improvements to the Billings Road and Route 2 intersection.