Morris Yachts Builds New Vessels for US Coast Guard Academy 

Morris Yachts in Trenton has a long history of building high quality and award winning vessels.Now, the company is building vessels for the United States Coast Guard Academy.”We were one of 12 builders in the United States who were asked to bid on the project and are proud that in a period of over three years it took us, we actually did that,” says Will Ratcliff.Under the contract, Morris Yachts will build six boats.The Leadership 44’s will teach cadets how to sail at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut.”Every year they get a new set of cadets on board who some of them have never been sailing at all and they need to be able to withstand the rigors of that,” Ratcliff said.Boat builders say they overcame several challenges in the molding process.”It’s a completely different scenario, different screws that we’re using so it’s been a great learning process it’s helped us develop things and improve our techniques,” said builder Sky Winn.Morris Yachts’ history of award winning vessels is evident by the banners that hang in the main yard.Ratcliff says the contract with the Coast Guard is an even bigger prize that’s needed during these tough times.”It’s been great, it’s no secret the economy hasn’t been kind to boat builders and it’s given us some boats to build,” Ratcliff said.They hope to build even more. Ratcliff says another two are expected.The first Leadership 44 is set to take its maiden voyage in June of next year.