Heating Oil Tanks Being Replaced in Patten 

Some Patten residents and businesses are getting new heating oil tanks.The reason? Spills from corroded tanks can contaminate wells in the community.The new tanks are part of a proactive approach to eliminate a threat to Patten’s water supply.”We respond to one spill a day from these type of home heating oil tanks at single family residents, just the single family residence. Not all of those spills require an expensive clean up, but enough do that we’re trying to prevent some,” said Peter Moulton, environmental engineer with the Department of Environmental Protection.The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is working with the town of Patten to make sure old, rusy heating oil tanks are replaced.”We did a survey of the town and found a lot of tanks that need to be changed and so we’re replacing about 30 tanks with these new double wall tanks,” said Moulton.One of the places getting a new tank is the Patten Historical Society, “We haven’t been able to heat in the winter. The oil tank’s bad and there’s not a lot of funds, but maybe now we can raise money and open year round,” said Sharon McPhee, president of the historical society.McPhee says the new tank could help the historical society expand and provide a year-long gathering place for the community.”I think we could get a lot more members and have a nice meeting place. There’s not too many places in Patten to have a meeting and this would be very nice if it could be open longer,” said McPhee.The Department of Environmental Protection has $100,000 budgeted for this project. So far, it’s on track to have enough money to install more than the 30 tanks originally planned. The project began in September and should be completed by the end of the year.