Bangor Police Seize Stolen Christmas Toys 

Bangor police say they’ve seized thousands of dollars worth of stolen toys, supposed to be given to children in need this Christmas. We’re told the suspect is a volunteer for the Toys for Tots organization, which is run by the U-S Marine Corps and passes out donated gifts each year. Police say they found the toys today at the man’s home on Patten Street.They say they got a tip a couple of days ago that the toys were being diverted from the charitable organization.Skip Young, the head of the Toys for Tots program, says police told him between 8-to-10 thousand dollars worth of toys were stolen to be sold on the internet. Some of them recovered today were already packaged up to be shipped out of state.Lt. Tim Reid says cases of people trying to steal Christmas get a lot of attention but this case isn’t typical.”Thefts, in general, go up around the holiday season. Thefts in cars, thefts from the mall, that type of thing. But this is an usual type of case.”Young says the suspect has been a volunteer for the last three years and news of the theft is a tragedy. Young says, “We helped him out and cared for him and this is how we got paid back.”At this point, no one’s been charged. Police are not releasing the name of the suspect until the investigation is complete.