Accused Murderer in Court 

The man charged with murdering 47-year-old Paul Allen of Augusta was in court Wednesday.30-Year-old Peter Bathgate was arrested Tuesday after a standoff at an apartment building in Augusta.Allen’s body was found Sunday in Hallowell.TV5 received a copy of the case affidavit.Based on what we have, we know Bathgate was no more than an acquaintance of Paul Allen’s.The only connection the two men had was through Bathgate’s former girlfriend. The document also states that during a phone conversation with Augusta Police, a man claiming to be Peter Bathgate described, in detail, the way Paul Allen was murdered. Bathgate allegedly asked if Allen suffered two or three stab wounds to the back and claimed that Allen was hit with his own truck. Prosecutors believe they know what led to the killing.Bill Stokes, D.A. General, Case Prosecutor: “The affidavit suggests that Mr. Bathgate was jealous about what he perceived to be an interest that Mr. Allen had in his former girlfriend and that that’s what led to this killing. The motive was jealousy.”If Bathgate is convicted of murder, he would face anywhere from 25-years to life in prison.He is currently being held without bail.The prosecutor also told me that the case could go before a Grand Jury as early as next week.If not, it will be heard in January.