Man From Winterport Busy Making Wooden Toys 

This time of year, Santa’s elves are extra busy at the North Pole making toys.A man in Winterport is doing his part to help take off the extra load.Joy Hollowell takes us to his workshop.======”A lot of people come in here and tell me, you don’t know how hard it is to find wooden toys.”Larry Sawyer has been making wooden toys for 20 years. The Winterport man and retired carpenter says it started as a hobby and quite frankly, still is. He sells his products just to help pay for his supplies.Plane, trains and automobiles are Sawyer’s specialities. There are moving parts on many, and the majority of his toys are made with just wood and glue.”I use mostly pine, which is a light colored wood. And cherry, because I like working with cherry,” says Sawyer.There are some display items, as Sawyer calls them, but most of his products are geared for kids, and that means making sure they’re built to last. He recalls the time a young girl came in with her mother.”She took a dump truck, she kept telling her mother she wanted it,” explains Sawyer. “Finally, she picked it up and just threw it right on the floor. And never done a thing to it.”Sawyer laughs at the comparison to Santa’s workshop, quickly pointing out that he has no intentions of trying to take over for the big guy.”No, that’s right. I’ll let him have his end of it, and I’ll take my little bit I get,” laughs Sawyer. *****You can find Larry Sawyer’s showroom on the Lebanon Road in Winterport.He can also be reached at 223-4644.